Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My new scraproom!

So we are finally settled. We made it to Portland after one major hiccup halfway through Idaho - our car's transmission died. Check out our family blog for the complete story. We are unpacked and the apartment is put together - including my scraproom.

The desk is actually the 68" Melltrop dining table from Ikea. It works fabulous as a scrap desk because it is so long and spacious (and relatively cheap)! The plastic shelving unit next to the window is one of those piece together units that we had in the basement at the house in Ohio. It now holds one of my embellishment hardware drawer chests, all my photo boxes (which contain photos, paint supplies, flowers, fibers and ribbon), my printer and letter size paper and all my patterned paper is in vertical Crop Hoppers along the bottom shelf. I have a mobile plastic chest of drawers underneath the table that houses all my stamps and most used supplies that can't fit in the turn about that sits on my desk. Between the chest of drawers and window on the floor (you can't see it) I have 10 stacked acrylic paper trays that hold my cardstock. The Cubicals unit holds my other hardware drawer chest, the fax, all my scrapping books and magazines and more tools and embellishments. The two stacks of plastic drawers to the right hold more tools and embellishments and the four photo shelves above neatly display all my paints. The white basket to the far right holds Crop Hopper pockets container all my flat stickers and rub-ons organized by theme. The wall across from the windows contains a huge closet that runs the length of the room, but there's no scrapping stuff in there - that's where all my clothes are! (Andrew's got the closet in the bedroom.)

On the other side of the room, right next to the door sits my file box for all my Close To My Heart stuff and on top of that is my tote bag with all my research files for the heritage albums I am working on. The three craft cubes also double as a stand for the TiVo and DVD player. The stands hold (from top to bottom) embellishments, extra commonly used colors of cardstock bought in bulk, and chipboard. The bureau the TV sits upon is sans-scrapping too - it holds more of my clothes. On the shelf above the heating/cooling unit and under the window sit two small chest of drawers. The brown one is for general office supplies and the green one holds all my ribbon. The pasta jars on the ledge hold flowers and buttons.