Monday, September 19, 2011

Project 12: August 2011 Layout & Catch-Up Time!

So with all the craziness this summer, I fell behind with Project 12. Well, this weekend I not only completed my August layout well before the deadline, but I also caught up and completed the three months I missed! If you aren't participating in Project 12, it's never too late to start - just click here.

Here's my August layout. I stayed pretty true to the sketch but because it only called for three photos, I took one of the 6x4 photos and replaced it with three 2.5x4 photos just so I could fit more pictures on the layout while maintaining the integrity of the sketch. I also used up a lot of old supplies in creating this layout which felt really good!
And here are my three catch-up layouts for April, June & July. To see the rest of my Project 12 layouts for this year, click here!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My new scraproom!

Well, I have taken a bit of a scrapbooking hiatus with everything that has happened this past summer but I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I thought I'd start by updating my very neglected scrapbooking blog with some photos of my new scraproom.

This room is actually the third bedroom in our 1921 bungalow and is the first floor bedroom. It is right off the kitchen and is also attached to the first floor bathroom (which also has an entry to it off the hallway). In the first photo, the closed door to the far left is a closet (which Andrew uses for clothes since we have very little closet space upstairs), the open door is to the bathroom and the closed door on the right leads to the kitchen. The second photo was taken from the doorway to the kitchen. I didn't have to purchase anything new for the room and just made everything I already had fit into the space.

I actually had to reorganize a bit because I lost the white bureau I had in my previous room - there was just no space for it in this room. I needed to make sure I kept the center if this room open so that the futon could be used easily for guests. I really love my new room - especially the fact that it gets so much natural light and I have hardwood floors for easy cleanup.