Sunday, September 25, 2016

Project Life 2016: Week 4

Hi all. I am still here. Really I am. Unfortunately, I haven't done much scrapping the past few months. Life has just been crazy busy with summer disrupting our routines, lots of traveling and just trying to enjoy the warm weather with my boys! But, with the cooler fall weather starting to roll in, I am hoping to spend more time huddled down at my scrap desk. I do have a few more weeks of Project Life completed that I've totally neglected to share so I am hoping to do that over the next few weeks while I get back into the scrapping groove. 

So with that, here is 2016 Week 4! Here is a look at the full spread. I think I've already said this, but I'm really loving the fun colors and patterns in the High Five Core Kit. It's just so fun to work with! Here's a look at the full spread together...

And here is the left side of the spread. I love the High Five edition overlay that I used on the photo of Liam and Andrew in the pool. The words just fit perfectly in the negative space around them. The photo in the lower left was a happy accident. I was driving to pick up Liam at a family member's house and this was the sky directly in front of me. So, I pulled over and grabbed a shot. 

And here is the right side. I always like including friends' and family's birth announcements in Project Life and I guess this is where it benefits me to be so far behind in this project; I usually haven't scrapped the baby's birth week before I get the announcement. So, I am able to go back and include the announcement in the correct week's spread with no I did with baby Erza's here. The photo of Liam in the bounce house was not great quality, and it was the only one we had, so I just decided to use it kinda like a filler card and just put "BOUNCE!" all over it.

And there's my Week 4! I have more 2016 spreads to share and some throwback catchup pages from 2014 too! Stay tuned...