Sunday, September 25, 2016

Project Life 2016: Week 4

Hi all. I am still here. Really I am. Unfortunately, I haven't done much scrapping the past few months. Life has just been crazy busy with summer disrupting our routines, lots of traveling and just trying to enjoy the warm weather with my boys! But, with the cooler fall weather starting to roll in, I am hoping to spend more time huddled down at my scrap desk. I do have a few more weeks of Project Life completed that I've totally neglected to share so I am hoping to do that over the next few weeks while I get back into the scrapping groove. 

So with that, here is 2016 Week 4! Here is a look at the full spread. I think I've already said this, but I'm really loving the fun colors and patterns in the High Five Core Kit. It's just so fun to work with! Here's a look at the full spread together...

And here is the left side of the spread. I love the High Five edition overlay that I used on the photo of Liam and Andrew in the pool. The words just fit perfectly in the negative space around them. The photo in the lower left was a happy accident. I was driving to pick up Liam at a family member's house and this was the sky directly in front of me. So, I pulled over and grabbed a shot. 

And here is the right side. I always like including friends' and family's birth announcements in Project Life and I guess this is where it benefits me to be so far behind in this project; I usually haven't scrapped the baby's birth week before I get the announcement. So, I am able to go back and include the announcement in the correct week's spread with no I did with baby Erza's here. The photo of Liam in the bounce house was not great quality, and it was the only one we had, so I just decided to use it kinda like a filler card and just put "BOUNCE!" all over it.

And there's my Week 4! I have more 2016 spreads to share and some throwback catchup pages from 2014 too! Stay tuned...

Friday, July 1, 2016

Project Life 2016: Week 3

Ugh. I've been a crappy blogger again. So sorry folks. Summer craziness has just overtaken here, which is lots of fun, but it means less computer time for me. But, I do have more spreads of Project Life complete and ready to share. It's just a matter of getting on here and posting them!

So, here's the long over due 2016 Week #3 spread! I really love all the bright, happy colors in the High Five Edition. I've been making a point to try and use as many colors as possible from this edition on each spread and here I got a touch of them all!

Here's a closer look at the left side. I'm really happy I found these weekly title cards that include the calendar. Then, I don't need to worry about having a calendar card in the first week of each month as I have in the past and I like that they fill the pocket enough that I don't need to embellish them. The "This is my happy place" filler card is from the pack of specialty cards that coordinate with the High Five edition and I am glad I purchased them because they are so fun. I used one of my go-to techniques and added a little hand-stitching to the other filler card. It's a great way to create just a little more visual interest to a basic filler card.

And here's the right side! The photo in the upper left of this side is a favorite from this week because it's just so real. I was leaning with my back against the kitchen counter, still in my PJs, sipping coffee and both boys were hanging on my legs just wanting attention. It's such a typical moment that I usually ignore but, even in the midst of the craziness and my desire to just enjoy my coffee, I picked up my phone and snapped this shot. I also love the multi-colored sunburst patterned paper that came in the High Five 6x6 paper pad. I used it here in the upper right along with a postcard I received with a Kal Barteski order. Her handwriting goes really well with the other fonts in this core kit! In the lower right I've got the ancient KI Memories alpha stickers making an appearance again because it's like they were made to go with this core kit...just ten years ago!

So there's week #3! I am going to try and get the next several weeks scheduled to post throughout July because we will be out of town the majority of the month. Fingers crossed I get to it before we leave on the 9th. I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Project Life 2016: Week 2

Welcome to Project Life 2016 Week 2! I totally love the way this spread turned out. Here's a look at the entire spread together...

And here is a closer look at the left side. I love the photo in the upper left of Liam and his classmates at school. It's wonderful that the teachers take these photos and share them with the parents because I want to document Liam's day too! And yes, Liam got stitches in his chin again as seen in the upper right. I made sure to keep the ER ID bracelet. Then, in the lower right I made an interactive pocket....

...I took a Design I page protector and cut the bottom pocket off of it and then glued it on top of my left side page protector. After it dried, I slipped the top "before" photo into the interactive pocket, put the comic book Pow! square on the backside and then placed the "after" photo pictured below in my page protector. I love the way it turned out!

Here is a better look at the right side. I of course needed to include a tribute to David Bowie this week and we, like the rest of the country, had to play PowerBall. I also love using up old supplies like the Cloud9 clear epoxy dots I used on Liam's swim lesson photo.

Week 3 is coming soon!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Project Life 2016: Week 1

So I am working hard on catching up on this year's Project Life before I go back to catchup on prior years. I've got Week 6 on my scrap desk right now so I feel I'm caught up enough to start sharing some of my spreads with you. Remember that I am using the High Five Edition Core Kit this year! 

So here's a look at 2016 Week 1!

And here's a closer look at the left side. This year, I am using weekly title cards from a:bloggism. Because of the way she designed them, I decided to try having my weeks go from Sunday to Saturday this year instead of my usual Monday through Sunday. I wasn't sure if I'd like splitting up the weekend that way but so far, it's been working out okay. I may switch back next year but we will see. 

And here's a closer look at the right side. I've had the bling martini glasses in my stash forever and I realize that champagne glasses would have been more appropriate but this was the best I could do and it felt really good to finally use them!

I'll post Week 2 soon! Promise!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Cards!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there!

I'm spending today being spoiled by my boys and also getting some scrapping time in! But, I wanted to share the cards I made for Mother's Day this year that I sent out to my mom, mother-in-law and grandma (aka Nana). 

I dug deep into some old kits and found one with lots of Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm scraps that I just couldn't part with. Those types of beloved scraps are perfect for making pretty greeting cards!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!