Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Project Life 2014: Week 17

Today I am sharing another oldie spread from 2014. This one took awhile for me to plan and orchestrate because it was the week Andrew and I were in Hawaii. It was hard whittling down which photos to use out of hundreds to choose and how to also incorporate what was going on in Liam's life back in Milwaukee.

So here is a look at the full spread with inserts. The left side and both sides of the 6-photo insert are all Hawaii. The right side of the spread is all Liam in Milwaukee and then the smaller 7x5 insert contains my weekly recap on one side and a Hawaii postcard on the other side. I also included a couple Hawaii brochures using Attach Me tags but they are hiding behind the insert here.

Here's the full spread again but with the small 7x5 insert flipped so you can see the postcard and the front of 6-photo insert.

And here's the full spread again with the 6-photo insert flipped so you can see the back of the insert and one of the brochures I included.

And here is the full spread with the brochures flipped, exposing the full right side.

And in case you haven't looked at it enough, here's the full spread without inserts or brochures...

...and then again with the inserts placed.

And now for some closeups of each spread starting with the left side. I decided to keep it simple and tried to marry this spread and the two sides of the insert together by treating each Hawaii photo the same - with a cardstock border and a photo caption. I wish I could say I took the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park photo but it's a postcard. The geotag on the lower left photo acts as a frame around Andrew swimming in the pool.

Here is the right side of the spread. I know I said the whole thing was devoted to Liam in Milwaukee but that's not exactly true. The photo in the upper left was taken during the one day I spent in Portland after returning from Hawaii before flying back to Milwaukee.

Here is the front of the 6-photo insert. The plastic palm trees on my filler card are actually drink stirs!

Then, here is the back of the insert. The photo in the upper left of sunset from the summit of Mauna Kea is probably my favorite from the entire trip.

And there you have it! It was a jam-packed week 17 in 2014!

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