Monday, September 7, 2009

String Art Technique!

1. Gather your supplies: cardstock (or layout/card) where you want to place your string art, paper piercer, round brads, embroidery floss (divided into strings) or thread, pencil, scissors and shape template (if desired).

2. Using your pencil (and template), trace a star onto your cardstock.

3. Use your paper piercer to create holes at the points of your star.

4. Erase the tracing of the star.

5. Insert your brads in the holes at the points of your star and secure them loosely to the project.

6. Take a piece of floss and tie it around the bottom part of a brad.

7. Begin to wrap your thread between the brads to create your star shape. Vary which side of the brad you are wrapping to and from to give each line a slightly different path.

8. Secure the end of your floss by wrapping it a couple times around one of the brads.

9. Cut off the loose strands of floss.

10. Secure your brads tighter to your layout.

11. Now you have a cool String Art Star!

NOTE: Stars lend themselves well to this technique, but you can also try diamonds, rectangles, circles, arrows or even letters!


Jennifer said...

This is BRILLIANT! I just might have to try it! Awesome!!!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Super cool idea...thanks!

jonaks said...

oh megan, this is so cool!

Creabee said...

good idea they are super

Inge said...

Nice nice nice! Gonna try it out!

scrap_in_time said...

Great idea. Thanks for sharing.