Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ribbon Flower Technique!

I had seen this technique various places before and decided to give it a try myself!

1. Gather your supplies: 6” length of ribbon, thread, sewing needle and something for the center of your flower.

2. Along one side of the ribbon, stitch the thread in a standard alternating fashion. Leave a length of thread loose at your starting end of the ribbon.

3. Once you have stitched along the whole side of the ribbon, take your ribbon and bunch it up on the thread.

4. Take both loose ends of your thread and tie them together so that the ribbon forms a bunched up circle.

5. Cut the loose ends of thread.

6. Now you have your “petals.”

7. Adhere your petals to your layout and then adhere your flower center.

8. Now you have a pretty ribbon flower!

And here is the layout I created with my ribbon flowers!

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