Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seven Random Facts...

I have been tagged by my new scrappy friend and owner of A Page At A Time, Jennifer at Inking Obsessions! So now it's my turn to share seven things about me you may or may not know...

1. I am a game fanatic! I love card games, board games, party games - I love them all! Some of my favorites are Taboo, Monopoly, Euchre, Apples to Apples, Risk, Cranium, Scattergories, Risk and Sorry!

2. My dream is to retire to a horse ranch in Montana one day. I want to have enough money to run a ranch and have people come up and vacation at it - kind of like a working retirement.

3. I have two tattoos - a cross on my lower right back and a hummingbird on my left foot.

4. I have been scrapping since I was 13 - about 14 years. My first album was on a trip I took to England and Scotland with my grandma. It's full of silly doodles, stickers, postcards and shaped photos. And since I used Elmer's glue all the photos have little orange dots in the corner!

5. I come from a HUGE extended family. My father is second oldest of eight kids and I am the oldest of 28 grandchildren on his side. My Mom is oldest of six kids and I am second oldest of 10 grandchildren. My mother-in-law is second youngest of 11 and Andrew has I don't know how many cousins. Family functions are always such chaotic fun!

6. If money were no object and I could go to school to get a degree in anything I wanted and get any job in the world, I would want to be a photographer for National Geographic. What a fulfilling experience to travel all over the world and document such a fascinating world.

7. I am afraid of feet. I hate feet. I don't really enjoy pedicures or foot massages because of this. My college roommate had the ability to pinch people with her toes and she used to love to sneak up on me with her "party trick" and watch me freak out!

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Croppycatter said...

oh fun!!! Thanks Megan!

Your feet thing is funny. :)

Jayne said...

It was fun learning more about you Megan! Off to do mine now - thanks for the tag!