Tuesday, July 26, 2011

“Fireworks” by Megan Smith

1. Gather your supplies: Crop Addict July 2011 Monthly Kit, Crop Addict July 2011 Monthly Kit Option, four photos (one 4”x6”, one 3”x6”, one 3”x3”, one 1¾” x 1¾”), a thin-tipped orange marker, date stamp, black StazOn ink and various adhesives.

2. Use the yellow cardstock as your base. Use the orange thin-tipped marker to draw a thin border around the edge of your layout, approximately ¼” in from the edge.

3. Adhere your photos in a grid fashion starting with the 4”x6” photo so it’s 2½” from the bottom edge of your layout and 1½” from the left edge of your layout. Then, adhere the 3”x6” photo directly to the right of the first photo. Then, adhere the 3”x3” photo directly to the right of that photo and in line with its bottom edge. Next, adhere the small black frame to the smallest square photo and adhere it above the 3”x3” square photo so the frame edges are flush against the other two photos.

4. Add the “Boom” sticker to the bottom of the frame.

5. Add three strips to the bottom of your layout – one that’s the blue paper, one with the decorative grid tape and one with the navy blue border strip. They should all be varying lengths to add visual interest and one should touch the right edge of your layout.

6. Choose five fireworks stickers and adhere them to the blue paper. Fussy-cut them out. Adhere two near the upper left of your photo grid, one overlapping the upper right corner of your frame and two near the lower left center of your layout overlapping the decorative tape. Use dimensional adhesive on three of the fireworks for added visual interest.

7. Use the alpha stickers to add your title above the photos.

8. Take the small blue rectangle label and add your date to it using the date stamp and StazOn ink. Adhere in the lower right corner of your layout over the decorative grid tape.

9. Embellish your fireworks with yellow and orange eyelets and blue mini-brads.

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