Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 12

Today I am sharing Week 12 of Project Life 2014. Again, for these weeks where Andrew is living apart from the rest of us, one side is dedicated to him and the other side is ours. This spread, the left is the Andrew/Portland side and the right is the Rest of Us/Milwaukee side.

And here is a closer look at the left side. Andrew is definitely not as good at taking photos as I am but he does try. In fact, over the course of a couple days, he took a lot of "stock" photos - things that he did almost everyday like grab coffee in the morning, going to the gym, etc - that I could use to fill in any gaps during his "light photo" weeks. I did that here with the photo of his bike locked up; as a daily bike commuter, this is a familiar scene to him everyday. The photo he took of the Portland sign at sunset wasn't very clear but I still wanted to use it. So, I ran it through one of the artistic filters in PSE and made a blurry photo into an artsy photo - perfect solution! The "lucky" filler card is my tribute to St. Patrick's Day.

So this was the infamous week when I had two big boo-boos...one was cracking my driver's side mirror on the side of the garage (center bottom photo) and the other was slicing my left thumb and needing nine stitches (center top photo). At least I remembered to keep my hospital bracelet for documentation.

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