Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Project Life 2016: Week 5

I'm here to share another Project Life 2016 layout with you! I am currently bouncing back and forth between 2014 and 2016. One day I'll catch up on all my albums...ha! All that matters is I am still having fun scrapping, right?

So here is 2016 Week 5 in all its glory. I am pretty happy with how it turned out with one glaring issue - there is no photo of me. Well, unless you count the photo of my feet on the BOSU ball. 

Here's a look at the left side. Poor Jensen was teething and had a bad cold the day I took his 11 month photos, hence the red nose and cheeks. Poor li'l guy! I still think this photo turned out pretty cute though! On our double date with Cassie and Kevin, I completely spaced to get a photo. So I did a Google search for Morel and managed to scrounge up a photo of both the charcuterie platter with one of the entrees we ordered. So I printed that and added letter stickers with the name of the restaurant on it. Viola! Our double-date is represented photographically in my album!

And here's the right side. I seriously don't know what part of this side if the spread is my favorite. I love how the "Dream" chipboard sentiment fit perfectly between Scout in Jensen in the photo in the bottom left. I love the photo of Liam watching Toy Story with his popcorn and all his Toy Story guys represented. I also of course love the photo of my three guys and the fact that I finally remember to grab a screenshot of my "to do" list on my phone one night. I am just so happy with how this page turned out!

So there's Week 5! Week 6 will be up soon! Good night all!

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