Saturday, October 15, 2016

Project Life 2016: Week 6

Welcome to Project Life 2016 Week 6! This was a fun week to scrap because I had lots of photos to choose from. And shockingly, Scout makes an appearance three times this week which I am pretty sure hasn't happened since she was a puppy! Here's a look at the spread in its entirety. 

Here's a better look at the left side. I love the photo of the boys on the slide with Andrew in the upper left. The cork embellishments are super fun too! The selfie I took with Scout is definitely a favorite photo and spent some time as my FaceBook profile picture. I took several photos of Liam holding the bowl of Valentine's we put together for his class and in so many photos he had that "forced" four-year-old smile. I happened to grab this one of him smiling down at the bowl and I knew this was the real winning shot.

And here's the right side. The upper left is a postcard from our new favorite Tap Room, Draft and Vessel. Then, I placed the photo of Andrew and I at Draft and Vessel below the postcard. I made sure to include a photo about the Super Bowl on this spread as well; I always like to include current events in my Project Life albums. They play such a big part in our lives and I fell Project Life is the prefect place to document them.

And there you go - 2016 Week 6. I'll be back soon to share some spreads from way back in 2014!

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