Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Masking With Stamps

It's technique time again. This time I'll be reviewing how to mask with stamps!

1. Gather your supplies: Stamp(s) to mask, stamp(s) to use in your background, cardstock to create the design on, inks (two colors), spare piece of cardstock, micro-tip scissors, repositionable adhesive.

2. Stamp the design you want to mask on the spare cardstock. Don’t worry about the image being perfectly stamped – it’s going to serve as your mask.

3. Cut out your mask(s) using your micro-tip scissors. Be precise!

4. Adhere your masks to your cardstock with the repositionable adhesive. Proceed to stamp your background image over your mask(s).

5. Remove your masks carefully and then stamp the same image you used to create your mask in the negative space left by the mask.

6. Now you’ve got a masked image over a background stamp without the two overlapping!

7. Use your stamped design on a project!


Karen said...

Love your tutorial Megan! I love how perfect that turned out on your gorgeous page!


Dria said...

Beautiful layout. I like your little tutorial on how you put it all together!