Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Top Ten Scrapping Essentials

So this post is one I put some serious thought into. Occasionally, it will be asked on the message boards "what's the one scrapbooking tool you couldn't live without?" And as I ponder this question, I realize that it is extremely difficult to narrow it down to just one. So I decided to post what I consider to be my "Top Ten" list of essential scrapbooking tools. I am sure that I have given each of these items as the answer to the above question at least once.
  1. Zots by Thermoweb. I have these in small, medium, large and jumbo sizes. I have multiple packages of each size as backup. If I ever ran out of these in the middle of a layout, I'd cry. These little guys appear on about 95% of my layouts. And I know - some of you would say adhesive is a supply, not a tool. But I am calling it a tool because I need it to belong on this list. It is that essential.
  2. My Glue Glider Pro. I love this tape runner. It's easy to use, the refills are well priced (I did research refill prices before purchasing a tape runner), I love that it's smaller than the ATG gun and I love that I can order refills directly from Glue Arts and as long as I purchase over $50 worth of adhesive (that's 6+ refills) then I get free shipping.
  3. My Cutterpede. It's not a fancy, expensive trimmer like the Cutterpillar, the Making Memories one or the Purple Cows one. But I love this little guy. I like the rotary blade. I like how small and compact it is. I like that it has decorative blades that you can switch the straight blade out for to give yourself a decorative edge. Maybe one day, I will upgrade to one of the big, fancy trimmers, but for now, this one serves me well.
  4. Sakura black Micron pens. Yes, this is technically six tools, but I'm lumping them together as one. I actually just got these a few months ago (I was in dire need for some new journaling pens) and they have become a staple on my layouts. I use the 02 the most. Not to thick, not too thin. If you don't have these pens, I highly suggest picking up a set. I got mine at
  5. Paper piercer. Such a simple tool but so versitile. This one came in a set of Making Memories tools that I got when I first started seriously scrapbooking. I still use all the tools in this set but none (well maybe except one) more than this paper piercer. I use it to not only pierce paper, but to add tiny embellishments (like bling) to my layouts.
  6. My iPod Nano. Yeah, I know. It's not technically a scrapbooking tool, but I don't think I could scrap without this little green device playing my mega mix or my favorite NPR podcast.
  7. My 0.9 mm Pentel Quicker Clicker mechanical pencil. I remember when I got this pencil. It was one of the provided supplies when I took an SAT prep class my junior year in high school. Yep. I am that pathetic. I remember when I got a pencil. But this pencil is that good. I love that the lead is thick relative to other mechanical pencils. I press hard when I write so this lead doesn't break on me. It's got a clean eraser. It's so clean that many times I don't need to pull out my gum art eraser. It's very comfortable to hold too. You can buy refills for both the lead and erasers anywhere on the web and here is just one place you can buy your own pencil. It's not cheap but well worth it - trust me. I've had this same one since I was 16. I am 31 now.
  8. StazOn ink in black and brown. I only show the black ink pad in this photo but the brown (Timber Brown to be exact) is just as vital to me. See, I ink the edges of all my photos with either my black or brown StazOn depending on what the color scheme of my layout is. One of these ink pads is used on every layout I make.
  9. Close To My Heart microtip scissors. I love these little things. I have a pair of Cutterbees too, which I like but I like the CTMH ones better. They cut cleaner than the Cutterbees, although they aren't non-stick like the Cutterbees are, so I don't recommend them for cutting adhesive of any sort. But for fussy cutting, the Close To My Heart ones are the way to go.
  10. 6" metal non-skid ruler. This was the other tool I got with my paper piercer in that Making Memories tool set that I use on 99% of my layouts. This little ruler is awesome. And it's non-skid. Even better. This and my Pentel mechanical pencil are usually the first two tools on my desk when I start a layout.

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