Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I finally finished Alexis' album!!

Every year, our family has a charity auction at Christmastime. People donate items to be auctioned off and everyone bids on them. All money goes to a charity of the families' choosing. Well, for several years, I have offered up a 12x12 30-page custom-made scrapbook of any theme of the winner's choosing. My cousin-in-law and his wife won the scrapbook two different years and I created a first year album for each of their kids - Jack and Alexis. Well, they bid on Alexis' book Christmas of 2009 and I was finally able to give them the last six pages when we saw them this past July when we were back in Wisconsin. I was so happy with how the scrapbook turned out. Here it is in its entirety!


Anonymous said...

Wow, the albums you have auctioned off will certainly be family heirlooms! Beautiful work!

Kathleen (Kath) B. Hernandez said...

Congratulations on finishing an album. It will take time for me to be able to work on a specific album again for gift again.

Love your work!

Angela L. said...

This is awesome!!! You are a very talented scrapper and I loved looking at your pages of this album.