Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Masking Your Masks

I saw this technique on Pinterest and when I thought about the masks and mists in the Birds Of A Feather April kit and available as kit extras, I knew right away I wanted to give this technique a try. So here we go!

(1) Gather your supplies: paper/cardstock, mists, mask, a small paint brush and either painter's tape, masking tape or washi tape. I'd also suggest having both some dry and damp paper towels nearby.

2) This step is OPTIONAL. If you want to have some "freehand misting" behind your masked image, now is the time to do it. Allow to dry.

3) Place your mask where you want it on your paper and begin to mask off sections of the mask using your tape of choice. (The gear mask was a little tough at the step because of it's intricate design but it is still very doable.)

4) Spray your mist lightly over your mask. Allow to dry.

5) Blot the mist off your mask.

6) Take the top off another mist and gently dip your paintbrush. Slowly remove the tape from your mask from one area. Color that area by lightly dabbing with your inked paintbrush.

7) Repeat step 6 with all taped-off areas of your mask. Note: a little bit of mist goes a long way - I only dipped my brush into the mist the one time for the whole process.

8) Remove your mask and see what the result is. Allow to dry. I suggest placing the paper under a stack of books for awhile once it's dry to help flatten your page out.

And here's the layout I created!
 photo Boycopy_zpsa053b452.jpg

Thanks so much for visiting today! I hope you have fun trying out this technique!

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Monique Liedtke said...

What a cool technique! Going to remember this! Love your page ... the color combination with the orange and blue is just perfect!