Saturday, November 30, 2013

Project Life: Week 25

More Project Life catchup. Here is a look back on Week 25. I think this is one of my favorite spreads to date. I really like the Design C page protectors with the six 6x4 slots. I love the clean look but don't use it often because it limits the number of photos I can use on a spread. But this week, I had fewer photos and some special ones I really wanted to showcase, so the Design C protector worked well for my righthand page.

And here is a closer look at the left side. I kept this side pretty simple since it was very photo heavy. I really love the photo of Liam sitting in the toy box. It is a completely subpar photo, with him half out of the shot, blurry...but it's real. And that's what's important. The photo in the lower left with the "enjoy" definition is of a bowl of lemon-lime sorbet...the first thing Andrew made in our ice cream maker.

Time for the right side! I totally love the photo in the upper right of Liam in front of the mural at the park. When I took that photo, I knew it would be a keeper. The photo of Andrew mountain biking is another favorite. Could they have had better weather that day?

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