Friday, March 15, 2013

Project Life: Week 10

Week 10? When I told Andrew I needed to really focus on using my Core Kit more because I wanted it almost gone by year-end, he said "well, you have most of the year left." And my response was "yeah, but I just put together week 10. That's almost 20% of the year gone." His response: "Seriously? Week 10? Wow." So, now that the shock has worn off that we are about 20% through this project, here's my Week 10 spread...
And let's take a closer look at the left side. Again, I am really trying to be better about using up my Core Kit, so I am going to start cropping more of my photos smaller than 3x4 and matting them on pieces from the Core Kit. It adds a lot more to the project for sure! The QR code in the lower left leads to a video of Liam interacting with the Hamster Dance card he got from Grandma Beth.
And here's the right side. Totally love my title block this week. I used a pretty filler card from my Core Kit as the background, added my title circle and then just purchased wood veneer typewriter. And that's it and I love it! I'm also really happy with how my daylight savings block turned out. Used a freebie card from online, added my own text and pulled out a super-old chipboard clock and sentiment sticker from my stash - awesome! And the "This Week's Favorite Photo" block? Love how this turned out too!
Also, I kept the Hamster Dance card just as I did the Love Bug card from a couple weeks ago. Here it is hole-punched and inserted into the album.
As of this week, I am no longer providing supply lists for my Project Life spreads. It is extremely time-consuming and cumbersome to list and link all of them. You can always email me at msmith912(AT)gmail(DOT)com if you want to know where I got a specific item, check out past supply lists on all my Project Life Week 9 and earlier posts as I repeat lots of supplies, or check out my Project Life Pinterest board.)

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