Monday, March 11, 2013

Project Life: Week 9

Project Life Week 9 - one of my favorites to date! We had a pretty fun week which helped make scrapping this week fun but I also love the mix of photos and product on this spread too! There are still six photos of Liam on this one (I have been trying to include other aspects of life but it's hard when you are the stay-at-home-mom of one child) but lots of other fun stuff too!

And here's the left side in more detail. I forgot to take a photo of my first Birds Of A Feather kit before I cut into it so I just took the photo Amy had on the website. Love the recipe card from A Vegas Girl At Heart.
And a closer look at the right side now. The top three photos are from the Timbers season opener - it was the week's big event so I really wanted it to be a prominent focus of the spread. The QR code in the corner of the Tifo photo takes you to a YouTube video of what I recorded at the game during the last half of the National Anthem and the raising of the tifo display. I finally used a filler card from my Core Kit as just that - a filler. I of course added a few wood veneers to it for just a little pop!

And here's this week's supply list...
(Please note that this will be the last week I am providing supply lists. It is extremely time-consuming and cumbersome to list and link all of these. You can always email me at msmith912(AT)gmail(DOT)com if you want to know where I got a specific item, check out past supply lists on all my earlier Project Life posts as I repeat lots of supplies, or check out my Project Life Pinterest board.)


Colette Bate said...

I absolutely LOVE seeing your Projects! And, while I've never tried one of my own, seeing yours certainly does get my creative mojo working! What a fabulous record you have of the everyday things you do.

I, too, love the recipe card! And your pictures of the opening of the Timbers ... fabulous! You make it look easy ... yet, I know it has to be a ton of work!

Tell me ... is the secret the sectioned off page protector? ohhh, you really make me want to try this!


janet said...

These pages look great!!! Love your pictures and details!
I really really need to play catch up with my Project Life!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

These look great! I love all of the rounded corners and little details!