Thursday, June 20, 2013

Project Life: Week 19

Time to share week 19 today! I really love how this week came together. I think it has a good mix of photos, quotes, journaling and supplies. 

And here is the whole spread with this week's insert - my Mother's Day card from Liam is on one side and the from Andrew is on the other...

And here's a better look at the left side. I love the photo in the upper left. It's of my hubby and our next-door neighbor having a couple beers on our back patio. Hubs had just strung the lights and I love all the helicopters on the ground. I was stealthy trying to take this. I opened up our bedroom window and stuck my are out the window with my iPhone and just took some blind shots. 

And the right side. The "ideal mother" quote was a freebie from Smitha Katti. I felt it was appropriate for both Mother's Day and the collection of photos of Liam from the week - you know, eating a pinecone, climbing in the dog crate, playing in the middle of the kitchen floor, etc. Also, I'm sticking with the ritual of adding a subway art section for each holiday. The QR code on the photo of Liam and Scout leads to a video of the event.

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Monique Liedtke said...

Awesome Megan!!! I just looking at all the details and the photos are so fun!